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 I keep forgetting my password to this account, and then have to wait til I remember it, because I also can't remember which email address I have attached to this account. I really should check now that I'm having a good memory week and am logged in!

Things I've been crafting lately: my craft-it-forward projects.  I finished the cross-stitch of Laura's owl, and am now just putting it into a patch she can sew onto a canvas bag or something like that. I'm half-way through a baby blanket for someone else, and have started Nay's piece of embroidery. (I'm doing a vibrant purple/green floral on an aida band, so it could be sewn onto a cushion maybe?) I'm trying to keep the pieces I'll have to send light. 
I also (finally!) finished Stacey and Sean's wedding card. It started as an engagement card, then turned into a wedding card, and I sent it off today as a post-honeymoon one! Oh well. 

Also, when I was doing my 'spend money online' binge, I bought two reprinted books of vintage crochet patterns. Lots of gloves, hats, belts and collars.  Very cool. I have several that I want to try. The hardest thing with these is yarn substitution. Luckily crochet yarns aren't quite as changeable as knitting yarns, certainly not the very fine cotton threads. One or two of the heavier weight yarns might be a hassle - I've found ones I want to try, but am not sure I can get them here in Aus. 
So last Friday I went up to T's to spend a day crafting. I should probably say a 'day'  crafting, as by the time I'd caught the train up to My Vic and got to her place it was almost 11am. But I started my 1880s corset pattern - traced the pieces from the Truly Victorian pattern, then made a calico mockup. Making mockups of corsets isn't as useful as for most other items, as without the boning and lacing it is hard to know how it will look, but there are things - length, the line at the top, the general sizings - that you can check. I also did some more work on my green gloves - finally got one of the thumbs set and sewn into the trank. Once I had it in place it was fine, but it was giving my several frustrating moments along the way.  T was working on some hats, but mostly having fun cuddling and playing with the new kittens. (who are adorable). We sat and watched the cricket and laughed at the cuteness of cats and sewed. A pretty good day.
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I've reactivated my cinnamon mist accounts here and at gmail, so I can use them for my craft-related signups and posts, etc.